Our 2003-04 Sponsors

Many thanks to the following companies, organizations, and individuals who made it possible for Mindstorms Mayhem to attend the FLL Invitational Tournament in April 2004. (See below for an explanation of our sponsor categories.)

Olympus Mons Matching Sponsor

Tharsis Montes Sponsors

Milford Rotary Club

Elysium Montes Sponsors

Charitum Montes Sponsors

Pete and Anita Hinkle
Bedford Men's Club
Landry's Lawn Mowing
Farm Design, Inc.
Lorraine Streeter

Charitum Tholi Sponsors

Douglas Duval, DDS
Hollis-Brookline Rotary Club
Alan & Nancy Goedecke
JR Hoell
Chris Willis

Explanation of Mindstorms Mayhem Sponsor Categories

We chose mountains on Mars for the names of our sponsorship levels because this year's theme is Mission Mars. A "Mons" is a large mountain. "Montes" is the plural of "Mons." A "Tholus" is a smaller mountain; "Tholi" is the plural of "Tholus." (For more information see the SolarViews web site on Martian Volcanoes.)

We have five different categories of sponsors, based upon level of support, from larger to smaller:

Olympus Mons - Olympus Mons is the largest volcano known in the solar system. The central edifice of this shield volcano has a summit 24 kilometers above the surrounding plains. Surrounding the volcano is an outward-facing scarp 550 kilometers in diameter and several kilometers high. Beyond the scarp is a moat filled with lava, most likely derived from Olympus Mons. By comparison the largest volcano on Earth is Mauna Loa which is 9 kilometers high and 120 kilometers across.

Tharsis Montes - The Tharsis Montes are the chain of huge volcanic mountains in the Tharsis region of Mars. In addition to Olympus Mons, there are three other giant shield volcanoes, Arsia Mons, Ascraeus Mons, and Pavonis Mons. The entire Tharsis region is a large doming bulge on Mars reaching almost 10 kilometers in height, and measuring 4,000 kilometers across.

Elysium Montes - The Elysium Montes are the second largest volcanic region on Mars. It is 1,700 by 2,400 km in size and is also located on an uplift dome. The 3 large volcanoes, Hecates Tholus, Albor Tholus, and Elysium Mons, are smaller than those found in Tharsis but are still quite large. Elysium Mons is the largest volcano in this region, measuring 700 km across and rising 13 km above the surrounding plains.

Charitum Montes - The Charitum Montes are a long (1500km) chain of mountains on the south side of Argyre basin. These montes are also known as the "frosty mountains," since they have been covered with carbon dioxide ice over the Martian winter.

Charitum Tholi - The Charitum Tholi are a second long chain of mountains running parallel to the Charitum Montes, but slightly smaller.