Mindstorms Mayhem Team History, 2002-2003

Mindstorms Mayhem 2002

Mindstorms Mayhem started in the fall of 2002 when Coach Streeter and Coach Gray decided to teach a group of kids more about Legos, robots, and programming. At that time, Mindstorms Mayhem consisted of eight students and two coaches, and we met at Coach Gray's house twice a week in Milford, New Hampshire. From September until early December our team built a robot and created a research presentation based on the theme "City Sights". Over this time of twelve weeks we created some design goals, researched problems in Southern New Hampshire, programmed our robot using Robolab, built robots out of Legos, and of course, we brainstormed1. We competed in a local tournament and proceeded on to the New Hampshire State Tournament. At the local Rochester tournament in 2002 our team won four awards including first place on the competition table and the Director's Award. The next week, the team competed at the New Hampshire State Tournament in Nashua. Our robot won the table competition with a perfect 392 point score! We also were awarded 2nd place in the research presentation at the State Tournament in 2002.

1. Brainstorming: A method of problem solving in which all members of a group spontaneously contribute ideas.